Liberties Festival Presents Nighthawks at Guinness Storehouse

The Liberties Festival is pleased to announce that we have partnered up with the Dublin Nighthawks team to present our third Nighthawks at the Guinness Storehouse – a highlight show of the summer with 8 brilliant acts – featuring music, comedy and spoken word.


Saturday 20th July 2013 | Doors open at 8.30pm | Show starts at 8.45pm (sharp).

The show ends at 11.45pm (approx) and there will be one interval.

Tickets cost €17 each and can be purchased at

The ticket price includes an optional self-guided tour of the Guinness Storehouse from 8.00pm, and complimentary canapés will be served in Arthur’s Bar during the show.

Full bar available at the venue.

Buy Tickets Online









Elevens gave a stunning performance at Nighthawks at the Cobalt last September, and we are thrilled to have them on the line-up for our show at the Guinness Storehouse on Saturday, July 20th.  Put simply, these guys are one of the best groups in the land.  For those who may not already be familiar with this band, in brief, Elevens are an acoustic three piece made up of Martin McCann (from Sack), Tony Barrett (from The Brilliant Trees) and Mark Healy (from The Josephs).  To date, they have released three excellent EPs (New Beginning, Torn At The Seams and Tender To The Touch) and their live shows are literally spellbinding.  In the words of Tony Clayton-Lea in the Irish Times – “Elevens are definitely on the right side of beautiful.”  We completely agree with that.


A lot of people will know Kevin Gildea from his stand-up comedy… or from his acting (Father Ted) and TV presenting (The Works); heck, some of you will even know Kevin for his songwriting skills (check out the album he recorded with Sean Millar about a decade ago).  But Kevin Gildea is also a Man of Letters (and emails) – and he has won more literary prizes than you can shake a feathered quill at.  On July 20th, we think Kevin will be reading from his upcoming novel, entitled Audience, but it’s always hard to know for sure what this man will do.  Oh – and did we mention that Kevin has also written articles of comment and comedy for the Irish Times, Sunday Times, Irish Post, Sunday Tribune and Village Magazine!  Does this guy ever sleep?


Colum McDonnell is one of the best stand-up comedians that we have ever had at Nighthawks.  This guy just has to look at an audience to make them laugh.  He’s that good.  His TV credits include Comedy Central’s The World Stands Up and RTE’s Irish Pictorial Weekly – and his festival appearances include the Kilkenny Cat Laughs, Electric Picnic, the Edinburgh Comedy Festival, and many, many, many more… that people just wouldn’t know.  But let’s not waste time reading this.  Let’s see the man in action… talking about bumper cars…


Keith Moss

Keith Moss is a man who undoubtedly knows how to write a well-crafted song with a killer hook.  In fact, only a few years ago, Keith won the IMRO award for Young Songwriter of the Year; and since then, he has only gone from strength to strength.  Over the last 18 months, Keith has signed to Reekus Records and assembled one of the sharpest bands in the city.  (The Tightrope Walkers consist of Elton Mullally, Martin Moran and Paul Shanahan.  Quality musicians to their core.)  Keith’s debut album is entitled What Eludes You Moves You – and it will be released on July 26th.  Catch him live at the Storehouse on July 20th and find out why Hot Press magazine has described him as “a thoughtful, intelligent writer of psychedelic pop” – and the Irish Times has intriguingly called him “an unlikely mélange of Nick Drake and Monty Python”.  Here is ‘Torture in Paradise’ – Keith’s recent single


John Colleary – like Colum McDonnell above – is one of the most popular stand-up comedians that we have ever had at Nighthawks; and it’s a genuine thrill to have both of these great comics on the same line-up on July 20th.  We can’t believe our luck.  John’s comedy is sharp, observant, and, most importantly, incredibly funny.  His TV work over the last couple of years on shows such as The Savage Eye and Irish Pictorial Weekly has been consistently brilliant, and his live performances never disappoint.  Here’s a genius clip of John on The Savage Eye learning how to “lose the h-attitude” –


The Rockets are the best live rock ‘n’ roll band that we know.  They play the music of Elvis, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, Gene Vincent, Link Wray – and they play it with energy and attitude.  These guys have played at festivals all over Ireland and the UK – and they have even headlined at the Cavern Club during Liverpool’s International Beatle Week.  In fact, Steve Panter, MC at the Cavern Club, called them – “The only true blooded rock ‘n’ roll band at Beatle Week.”  The Rockets are currently recording some new tracks with Pete Holidai – legendary guitarist from The Radiators from Space – and you can expect a stomping set of vintage rock ‘n’ roll from them at the Storehouse in July.  It’s going to be fun.  A lot of fun.



When it comes to slam poetry in Ireland – John Cummins is certainly one of the key poets leading the way.  He is the real deal and no mistake.  His rhymes are intricate and inventive – and his performances are hypnotic and popping with rhythm.  He is the current Leinster Poetry Slam Champion and has performed at all the major arts nights in Ireland.  John is also regularly featured on RTE’s Arena – and some of his work can be found right here –


Sinead White has so much talent – we honestly can’t understand how she is not already a household name in Ireland.  It can only be a matter of time.  Seriously.  This young lady can really sing and really play… and she writes great songs too.  If we could buy shares in her – we would.  It can only be a matter of time before Other Voices and Later… with Jools Holland come calling.  Sinead is currently in the process of recording her first EP – and she plans to record her debut album later in 2013.  Catch her live at the Storehouse on July 20th.  You’ll thank us on the way home.  We promise.

Guinness Storehouse, St. James Gate, Dublin 8.

Doors open at 8.30pm and the show starts at 8.45pm (sharp).

The show ends at 11.45pm (approx) and there will be one interval.

Tickets cost €17 each and can be purchased at

The ticket price includes an optional self-guided tour of the Guinness Storehouse from 8.00pm, and complimentary canapés will be served in Arthur’s Bar during the show.

Full bar available at the venue.

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